A Golden Journey

A Golden Journey

The trailblazing story of enterprise and excellence

A true pioneer in conceptualising jewellery retailing, Hira Panna opened its first jewellery showroom in Bihar to enhance the shopping experience of the populace, setting the trend of gold retailing as we know it today. At the helm, was a visionary, Satish Kumar Keshri, the founder, who started Hira Panna in the heart of the capital city of Patna, which grew to become a giant in the field of gold retailing with an insatiable appetite for enterprise and excellence.

Hira – a diamond – the hardest stone, signifies a strong commitment for quality assurance and purity, while Panna – an emerald – a soft stone, signifies dedicated customer service.

Hira Panna laid the foundation of a jewellery empire and a trailblazing success story of jewellery retailing not just in Bihar but in the entire country and abroad.

Today however, with increasing western influence, the diamond has come to be celebrated as the trademark sign of love and romance, in India too. As a result, diamond jewellery in India too have evolved from the simple stone-studded ring to exquisite, elaborate creations to suit every occasion, budget, style and sensibilities. Today there is diamond jewellery for every part of the body! There are those which cost millions and those delicate, purse-friendly ones in different sizes and shapes to suit the no-fuss subtlety of modern sensibilities.

An Epic Story…

The story here has all the trappings of a classic tale of a small town boy from Danapur making it big in the world of entrepreneurship

Out of his immense entrepreneurial capabilities and vision, Satish Kumar Keshri, at the age of just 31 years, led to the birth of Hira Panna, signalling a new era in the ornaments business. From creating readymade products, showcasing them and devising a gold measurement system to wholesale marketing and hallmarking of jewellery, he took the brand name to great heights.

What started as a wholesale jewellery outlet came to be officially launched as a jewellery retail showroom in the name of Hira Panna Jewellers at Hira Place, Dakbungalow Road, Patna, in September 1981.